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What is HGH ( Human Growth Hormone)?
HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is an amino acid produced in the anterior pituitary gland of the brain. HGH is continually secreted throughout the human lifecycle. This hormone influences our growth and aging process, and is responsible for keeping our bodies young and in good health. HGH affects every bodily function, sex and reproduction, growth and development, metabolism and mood. HGH levels are at their highest during childhood, and they peak at adolescence. After this, levels continue to decline. By age 61, HGH levels decrease to 80% less than what they were at age 21. HGH (Human Growth Hormone) therapy is not new and it has only been available to medical professionals and the wealthy. HGH injections range from $1,000-$2,000 per dose. These injections are relatively safe when monitored by a physician. However, they can cause dangerous side effects and may reduce your body's own natural production of HGH .
HGh-Stimulator is a natural precursor formula that is designed to increase and release your body's own natural levels of HGH without harmful side effects.

How long does a Bottle of Hgh-Formulation Last?
Each bottle contains 150gms/4.4Oz which is enough for 1 months supply.

Does HGh-Formulation contain any steriods or harmful drugs?
No, HGh-Stimulator is made from 100% natural ingredients and is only designed to stimulate your bodies own HGH production.

Does HGh-Formulation contain real HGH or pituitary extracts from animals?
No. Products that claim to contain real HGH or homeopathic HGH, pituitary extracts are simply bogus. You have to understand HGH is a peptide chain of 191 amino acids within the human body, so it's pretty much a protein. Now what happens when you ingest a protein, right! it hits your stomach and is broken down and digested by stomach acids. Therefore HGH can not be taken orally via the gastrointestinanal tract without being destroyed.
HGh-Formulation does not contain real HGH it is a precursor or a stimulator that works by stimulating your body's own HGH levels.
This is the only way to stimulate HGH in the human body without resorting to injections.

What age do I need to be to start taking HGh-Formulation?
Up until the age of 25 your HGH levels should be fine, but after this point they progressively decline as we age. If you started using the product from age 30-40 there is no reason why you should not be able to slow down the hands of time and maintain the same looks and well-being for another 10-20 years.

When is the best time to take HGh-Formulation?
The product has to be taken on an empty stomach so early morning is a good time or just before bed as this is a key time when your body releases natural HGH. Another key time is just prior to exercise or a weight workout for those who train at the gym.

How do I take Hgh-Formulation to get the best results?
For Men seeking to increase lean muscle mass and decrease bodyfat, increase well-being: 1 teaspoon early morning with mixed with water on an empty stomach. Repeat before bed.

For Women seeking to tone up and lose bodyfat:
1 teaspoon early morning with water on an empty stomach. Repeat before bed. If following an exercise program take another 1 teaspoon before workout.

For athletes or bodybuilders who are seeking larger increases in muscle mass, performance and definition:
1 teaspoon early morning with water on an empty stomach. 1/2 teaspoon before workouts. 1/2 teaspoon before bed.

For general anti-aging and well-being for those over the age of 30:
1 teaspoon early morning with water on an empty stomach. Repeat before bed.

How long does HGh-Formulation take before I can see results?
There are many variables to this question, but most tend to notice positive effects in as little as 2 -4 weeks. However for maximum benefits and significant changes a 3 month program is recommend and continued use will provide ongoing benefits. You can look upon HGh-Formulation as a life insurance policy to extend and enhance the quality of your life.

How long should I stay on the product?
Since HGh-Stimulator is 100% natural it can safely be used year round on a daily basis to stimulate your own HGH levels.
If you decide to stop using the product your HGH levels will return to normal levels.

I am pregnant can I take HGh-Formulation?
Since your hormones are significantly increased during pregnancy it is not recommended to use the product during this time, however after pregnancy it is a superb product to help women lose any excess weight they may have gained and tone muscles.

What makes HGh-Formulation any better than other HGH products on the market?
We at Powerzone Nutrition of Australia have studied numerous HGH releasers for many years and have had close contact with top athletes who have kindly offered themselves as our guinny pigs so we could test various ingredients. Steve Jones a top physique athlete and personal trainer has had 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry and had tested and tried numerous HGH releasers. After many trials and tests we finally found the ultimate formula this being the formula used in the study
by Italian researcher A. Isidori, M.D. at the University of Rome. Many companies will try and baffle buyers by including 10 different ingredients in one small tablet or capsule, this is purely a marketing ploy. Many amino acids compete for absorption across the blood/brain barrier so each one tends to block each others effect. This is where these products usually fail. We have used a unique form of arginine and L-Lysine 2 amino acids that
work together, enhancing each others function yet not competing for absorption. The test results in Rome speak for themself. Test Results.

Bogus Products: Take note there are numerous companies offering cheap inaffective HGH products on the market these days. Just remember ONLY HGH pre-cursors ( stimulators ) have any real benefit as real growth hormone is highly unstable and can only be administered via injection. Sublingual drops and sticky patches claim to contain real HGH, yes indeed they may contain minor traces but in an unstable form totally ineffective for HGH increases.

Delivering the Amino Acids -
All the ingredients in any HGH product can only be effective if they reach the bloomstream and can trigger the pituitary gland. The main problem is that many orally ingested supplements are broken down by the acids in our stomach.
Our stomach is digesting the supplements, before they ever reach the bloodstream. Hgh-Formulation combats this stomach digestion problem in two important ways.

Effervescent Bicarbonate formula: - For Better absorption
is delivered as an effervescent powder. When you mix the Hgh-Formulation in water it fizzes up, much like Alka-Seltzer. This "fizzing" is caused by the bicarbonate in the powder. Bicarbonate helps counter the effects of the stomach acids that can destroy other products. Less stomach acids means more of the amino acids can pass through your stomach and be absorbed through the blood/brain barrier.

What sort of diet should I follow while using HGh-Formulation?
It is recommended that a moderate to high protein diet combined with moderate carbs and low fat be followed while using the product to increase the benefits significantly. Nutrition is a very important facet of our lives as we are pretty much made from the food that we eat every 6-12 months! HGH has the ability to rebuild new skin, muscle and tissue cells but it can only do this if adequate nutrients are present so it is best to ensure that you are getting enough vital nutrients in your diet to enhance the effects of HGh-Formulation. A diet high in processed carbohydrates/sugars does tend to inhibit the release of HGH in the human body, so its is wise to keep your diet clean with adequate lean proteins and fresh vegetables.
I would recommend educating yourself in the nutritional area if you are seeking a long and healthy life free from sickness and disease. For precise information on health and nutrition for all ages I would suggest Steve Jones's Keys To Physical Perfection Program as it covers all of the above.

Are there any side effects from HGh-Formulation?
No as the product is 100% natural.

Do I need to follow an intense exercise program while using this product?
No, HGh-Formulation will produce significant results with just slight changes to your diet and light exercise e.g walking. The anti-aging properties of HGh-Formulation require no effort on your part other than keeping your diet in reasonable order. For those who want to really build and shape additional muscle a 3 day per week weight training schedule would suffice with some light aerobic exercise like walking.

What form does the product come in - tablet, capsule, powder?
The product comes in a powder form that is easily dissolved in water and has a pleasant effervescent lemon flavor. We chose a powder over tablets as there is only so much dose that can be contained in a tablet. Tablets also are often hard to breakdown where is our formula dissolves instantly with a few stirs of a spoon and digests very easily so it can get into your bloodstream to do it's job quickly and efficiently. Most tablets also contain inactive substances namely fillers and binders.

How much bodyfat can I lose from the product?
Once again this can vary per individual however 14-15% fat loss and an increase in 5-10% lean muscle mass is not uncommon over a 3 month period. HGH is a powerful hormone when stimulated so let's say you will not be disappointed!

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